• Laura ES

Design-A-Day 3: Ancient Red

And I rolled a 1, which, in the D&D world, means you failed your task. In my world, it means creating something I have very little experience with- logos. Admittedly a weak point for me, I worked on creating a logo for a randomly generated company name "Ancient Red". My brain was bouncing back and forth between a coffee shop or a sushi bar; I eventually landed on the later.

My Thoughts:

Ancient red made me think of salmon- how they turn red during mating season. The box and the font are long and thin, complementing each other. The logo should be displayed in the red tone as much as possible, though it looks nice in white and black too. Plus, the fish double as a fun piece of art!

I do quite like how this one turned out. The color scheme, the linocut look of the salmon, the font I found. I guess logos aren't too bad for me!


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