• Laura ES

Design-A-Day 12: Album Cover- Love You Right Now

A few years ago, when I first started using one of my favorite art apps (Sktchy) I got a request to draw artwork for an album cover... for free and that she would make money off of. But quite frankly, she didn't have nay good photos of herself for me to draw her portrait based off of. So years later, I checked her our again and found one I thought I could use. A few years late Mia, but here's that art.

My Thoughts:

I've always loved drawing people, and this is no exception. Based on the Igor album cover from Tyler the Creator, just a little bit- liked the vibe of it. Colors are from her overly pink Instagram feed and the jean jacket she is wearing in the photo I based this art off of. If she ever did see this, somehow, I think she would like it. I feel like I matched an aesthetic pretty well!


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