Hey everyone! My name is Laura. I'm a self-taught artist living in Oklahoma, with a BFA in Gaming and Animation as well as Graphic Design. 

I pride myself on being versatile in many different areas, including traditional art, graphic design, motion graphics, photography, and even film set production. 

My love for the arts started when I was a kid, swearing that I would be able to be a painter and make movies and design videogames all at once. And I am proud to say my childhood self was right. I have worked in the graphic design industry for around 3 years now and have been a freelance artist since I was a teen. I hope that whatever project you have planned, one of my many areas of interest will be useful to you! 


Awards, Publications, and Exhibitions:

Soundings Literary and Art Journal (2017-2020) 

A Postcard from Soundings (2020)

Portraits as Tribute (2019)

From the Light of the Silvery Moon (2019)

Portraiture (2019)

Salann Magazine 3rd edition (2020)

Visual Music (2019)

Proud+ (2019)

Black and White (2019) (Jurors's Choice)

LyricalMUSE (2019)

PEOPLE (2019)

Art Bogus Magazine 1st edition (2019)

Hit Me with Your Best Shot (2019)

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